eBay stuff


If you can pull a rabbit out of one, I’m having it!


“very high end and rare”



Looks like a Rega 3 on top of a scrap iron plant stand. The arm that they ripped off it is good though.


Quite possibly true, although one may speculate on the reasons for that…


Not a grain of truth


Unusual to find NVA stuff rare. I would have thought char-grilled till done was the common condition.




You can buy Musical Bliss here.

I’m tempted. I wonder if you can eat them?


I like these, great pictures :slight_smile:

His magazine collection has ‘hopeful’ prices :rofl:

Though I do have a soft spot for this, bit spendy though.


TT2 is very over priced. The mk2 is better, the PT1 is miles better, so is.a Logic DM-101.


Let’s face it Dean, you have said that about a lot of stuff over the years :wink:. For the record (ho, ho) I don’t think it’d be a good idea though.



Hmm. I don’t think £245 is unreasonable for the material content. The TT2 was never in the same price class as the DM101, LP12 or PT but was always a cut above Rega 3 etc.


No arm, I think it’s high. They usually go for about that with a Linn or Rega arm. The Mk2 goes for a little more. Dealer wank description as being better than a LP12, ha.

Simple nice deck, add a medium cost arm and a half decent cart and 99% of people would be happy.

The other 1% are fools who think counter rotating platters are where it’s at.




Mr. MWS will be performing basic purification and enhancement treatments at Lopwell. A session costs £1000. Clients can expect enlightenment and mild hallucinations



You fucking two can sit on my middle digit and counter-rotate…


Jim, can I interest you in a couple of Tenutos?


Even a bog standard RB250 on the TT2 mk1 is light years ahead of a Linn Basik Plus. And yes it was/is much better than the Planar 3 in it’s day.


NVA scrap iron sold for 750


Barbecue season, so seems reasonable.