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S5’s rather than S2’s in those. Not sure why they’d have done that other than cost originally.


Wasn’t that the Klipsch way?


No. Normally when you see 191’s they have the S2’s fitted. Perhaps this customer couldn’t stretch to them? I think Vitavox were using the cabinet/horn design under license from Klipsch & then they fitted their own drivers. These were seriously expensive when new. With the possible exception of Westrex perhaps the most expensive domestic speakers you could buy back in the 50’s/60’s.


That makes sense for them to work with individuals when building something that expensive. I’d love to hear any Klipschorns but especially a pair of these ones.


In case you want your speakers to look like industrial outflow pipes.


And let’s face it, who doesn’t?



vincent hybrid amps seem very good vfm and seem to have lots of love and seem well priced




At least 7 people have clicked on that link, and …



Been for sale for years, the seller is a chancer and who in their right mind would pay that much for a banged up piece of shite.

But then, there are the people on the Essex show.


The price is exceedingly silly but it is a cool design.



Like the look of these


Certainly a merciless description


Yep…“The pleasure will be here when you will put the sound on”

I would fecking hope so, it certainly isn’t when you’re looking at them! :confounded:




That’s the one where the metre doesn’t work and they wouldn’t fix it, that needs further investigation. A little too much I think, nearer £1100 is about right.

I personally don’t think you can call it ‘mint’ when bit’s don’t work.


I had no knowledge of the unit’s history so that’s helpful if someone was interested


“Simply the best amp I have ever heard.”…So I’m selling it - Running this through the scumbag decoder results in:

Hype master


Cunt, given that is is broken/minty.