eBay stuff


That is a moderate starter collection by classical standards.


Jesus, imagine the fucking grief ripping it in and tagging it :scream::scream::scream:


Ripping classical is a fools game.
I gave up, and I own only about a dozen CDs.


It works well,
I have at least 50 tracks by ‘First Movement’


Not eBay and excuse the source. The vendor vendor is a thoroughly nice bloke who sold me my Allnic H1500 at a cracking price. If you like Sonus Fabers this seems like a very decent deal too, although we are talking about a non-trivial pile of readies.


Several boxes for sale for CDP, amp, and speakers.



Some lovely falcons here and i am told they are a good price in this ad



Very impressed with those at the Cranage show on the end of the MFA kit.


Nothing wrong with the wiring here, nothing at all…


I threw mine in the bin after it stopped working for the 2nd time, too embarrassed to take it back to repair man…30 years ago :frowning:


is that just a rebadged arcam A60?


Nope, much, much betterer amp. Not soft and unfocused like a A60. With the right speakers it sounds like a much more expensive amp, a real giant killer. My youngest son has one with his Arcam speakers (he chose it over a lot of other items), and I have one.


Comedy from a dealer, yes it’s a Tuner, but NOT a cassette deck.


LOL :slight_smile:


These need more drive units!


The write-up is particularly…uhm…‘good’.



My kind of speakers!

Need more drivers, though…


I have totally agree with you about the Falcons


beautiful pair of beovox