eBay stuff


Oh it’s OK if you don’t mind the boiler turning things up now and again…


Very rare preamp. @Beobloke


wow , ref anniversary is something special !!


Meh, Japcrap. Probably needs hundreds of new capacitors and I doubt it’s much cop. I’ll pass.




Not as rare as a coco san BTJ9000s - only one made - yay! :grin:


Here you are :smiley:

I’ve just changed the two rectifier tubes so it’s done just over 2,000 hours from new according to its counter. I always loved ARC tube preamps and these days finally have the time and a few quid to indulge. It won’t be on eBay anytime soon.


Thank fuck for that!:smile:


I heard some of these at S-O-M many years ago powered by £0000s of Boulder amps… And they were huuuge! However, they were a prime example of diminishing returns. As I was demming amps at the time I’d brought along my Ditton 66/2s - connecting them to the Boulders gave 99.9% of the scale of the big Lumleys with a more pleasing mid-range and faster bass. So while I like big, it’s not necessarily always better. And it pains me to say so.



Decent price for you analogue buffs…


Good amps to drive speakers at around 93ish sensitivity, 8dB 10 watt class A monoblocks.
Put a quiet valve preamp in front = lovely jubbly!


I heard big lumleys a number of times was never over impressed


They sound better on stands.




wow , fabulous pre amp , one day i will get a ref 6 back but right now its batten down the hatches time , had a letter 2 days ago suggesting i pay a 30,000 pound insurance premium in case i lose a court case !!! . well i don`t think so really !!! rather not go to court


Jury still out on the new look ARC stuff, IMO. There’s so much classic stuff that is quite wonderful and won’t break the bank… (as much)


I hate the new look, I was talking to a ARC dealer and he said that the new look has killed sales quite a bit. The old style stuff still shifts.


True of quite a few brands now, I suspect. Sad.


they seem to love the new look on the arc FB group


How similar is that to the Naim forum regulars who would slavish praise on Naim gear regardless of how good / shit it was?