eBay stuff


Is that why they are dropping the look on this year’s products?


Except for describing the look of the latest amp as ‘’a bit like an old microwave…’’ - but that place generally makes the Naim forum look subversive


Any fans of The Blue Nile that want to spend a fortune on a LP12?


Bargain :rofl:


Fab speakers, when Sonus Faber made great speakers.




Not eBay, but a very rare thing indeed. I’ve never seen let alone heard one so I have no idea if it is any good.


Difficult to justify the price anyway…:zipper_mouth_face:


Doesn’t @f1eng have one?


Was just about to post that, but for some reason in my head, his is lathe green…


Yes, he does.

Mik’s had that for quite a long time, assuming it’s the one I saw there.


There is a chap up the road to you has one, last time I saw him it was sat in the corner and he used a Gyrodeck as it was easier to use. He has big Cessaro’s and lots of Nagra and Accuphase. Nice chap, sure he would let you have a listen.


No idea how they sound but really like the 70’s looks of these


They look lovely :slight_smile: Geoff’s a great guy too :+1:


Specsavers are open today :wink:


Actually I am due a visit :sunglasses:


I had problems with my eyesight at Jim’s house. Kept seeing double. Speakers, amps, platters…


Two Jims :scream:


Are you including Strayan doppelgangers in this calculation? If not, it is four Jims :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Twas at that point I had to go home…