eBay stuff


There can only be one sweetspot :wink:


They’re bloody magnificent. I love mine, even if the second midrange driver is just starting to make “my voice coil is falling off” noises, like the other one did a few years back. :persevere:


He is a very nice chap


What I can’t understand is why it’s so cheap … love the inventor’s name, too; Mr Boffin!


Would love to see if this would improve the rips from my £14.99 Amazon drive - do you think it would give me £29.98 performance?


Not eBay, but very interesting looking amps:



Comedy price. Same as 509, but with rack mounts and no chrome.


I wouldn’t know Bob, I only said they were interesting looking. :innocent:


Missing link dealer advert.
Just up the road from me.


mark has some lovely stuff , you are lucky to be so close




Is that another platter? You already have too many…


Platter envy…


been a lot of talk about the Kii three , if anyone interested there is a s/h pair here

i guess they reduce a lot of boxes so if anyone downsizing you might like them


Yeah, mostly from the rather vocal dealer :roll_eyes:


Why would you sell them when they are so obviously superior to any other speakers?


They are the bestest speaker/amp ever and so why would a dealer stock any other speakers?

Wasn’t there another bestest active speaker thing a couple of years back? Forgotton the name of them, but they were meh.


He stocks all the bestest active speakers :+1:

Anything else is shit, right up until the point he gets thedealer rights…


yes . agreed he is very vocal . heard a pair at a show and they were good but personally i would be worried about all that electronics stuffed in that little space . good for those who want to go active though


That’s what put me off auditioning Devialet Phantom speakers. I love the idea, but I’m not sure they can be fixed once the warranty period is over.

I’m thinking about Genelec speakers as being for the pro market they should have a good back up scheme.