eBay stuff



If it were not for the Gold bits I would buy this. Stunningly good arm and the maker is still around.
They are also selling The Source TT in equally good condition. I bet they were a pair as my first TT was The Source and I later added one of these arms but mine was all black to match the plinth.


:woozy_face: Needs onyx.


Sez the bloke who bought an Overvoguefinch…:stuck_out_tongue:


If that’s anywhere near as good as the CD player or the step-up I heard, it will be wonderful. The Zanden is the only CD player - as opposed to network streamer - I ever actually liked the sound of. Serious kit.


If you do win it Bob, I’d love to hear it. You’re welcome to pay a visit :slight_smile:


I’m sure Bob will have some you could borrow.:stuck_out_tongue:


I’m surprised Bob hasn’t snapped it up!


Of course :roll_eyes:

p.s. set up a snipe


Cheeky fecker.
There is no gold bling on my rangie. The wheels are quite subtle and it is black.


For a meaty sound.


Is this your one looks very nice.getting more tempted now.







Couldn’t resist after a black tie dinner. I knew you would bite.


Yes. You’re welcome for a listen any time, but then I’m not a million miles from Kevin either, so you may be better listening to the actual one he’s selling.


It was one of those Denons that I couldn’t be arsed to buy from a dealer in Eindhoven about 30 years ago. They wanted £200 for it but it was big, grey & dusty and I’m not sure Gill would’ve appreciated it… so I left it behind. Doh!



As bad as some chap I knew who sold some speakers to have double glazed windows put in