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Because Motorhead reasons :metal:


The only time I heard big Spendors sounding half decent, they were being driven by a MF Nu-Vista amp in some guy’s system. I heard it when i went to buy a DAC from him.


Pretty much in line with my experience. They sound flat until an amp with plenty of watts and preferably pace is connected.


I was miffed the Alephs didn’t work. Soundstage and bottom end just disappeared.


Nothing to do with “watts” though.

Power = volume, that’s it.

Don’t limit your search based on power.


But really, if your are struggling to find something that works, change the speakers. The change from amps is much more fractional.




It’s good enough for 95-98 dB peak in a typical room, given 10-15db crest factor in music that’s an average listening level of 80-83db, plenty for most.

I am in the listen loud camp, and I don’t like power compression, but the solution to that is sensitive speakers. Not more power.


Thanks Ed, hoping next year to move to more sensitive speakers after a house move. Preferably active, DIY and up to the ceiling :+1:


rare to see one of these


Garrard 401 https://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/118395743/garrard-401.html


Sony PS-X9 broadcast turntable https://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/118519724/sony-ps-x9-broadcast-turntable.html


Tread carefully :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Scam. The photos are taken from an item sold in Australia year or two back. It was recently removed from another website, so the scum is clearly having another go.


I am in the listen loud camp, too and went for the ‘lots of watts’ option. And I mean lots.

The scary thing is that, with my old amp and speakers, it sounded really loud indoors but, go outside to the garden, and you could hardly hear a thing with the patio doors near the speakers shut.

Now, if I listen at a volume level that I only think is ‘fairly loud’, you can hear it quite clearly out in the garden, which is a bit concerning. Luckily we have no neighbours nearby. Except the horses in the field next door and they seem to quite like Slipknot.


Problem is all lots of watts does is heat up the voice coils and push the drivers beyond linear xmax. With 89db two ways anyway.


Only if the drivers are inadiquate.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s only so much you can do with a 6” driver, but yes modern drivers have much better Xmax than they used too.


Which is why the fashion for twin midbass drivers.

Personally I use 12 and 15 inch drivers, but I do understand why people use small floor standing


I was mostly basing everything on his Spendor S8e. Which I’m not expecting to have class leading xmax/power handling, so huge over powered amps are a bit of a waste imo. Especially when at normal volumes you are only using a few watts.

I like to use 100db sensitive drivers with huge xmax and power handling. Down side is for 30hz response you need an 18” driver :slight_smile: my 10” drivers only go down to 150hz.