eBay stuff


How much did it make ?




Added foo.


Cheap if you like this sort of thing.


100W is probably the power input, not output. And the sensitivity is probably 96dB/W at 1m. But I guess ‘we heard what he said but we knew what he meant’.



a useless bit of information but
Monster had legal trademark disputes regarding other companies or products that have “Monster” in their name, such as Monster.com and the film [Monsters, Inc. Monster said it needed to defend its premium brand, while critics said it was pursuing litigation against companies that did not have confusingly similar products


You don’t see these very often.





Always wanted to try some of these, based on being able to place them close to wall and all…


but these look prettier…


beautiful , be great to hear them


Had a pair of these once very good stand mount speakers


The Zingalis will be fine close to a wall as that is the fronted ported version.


They could well suit me. From what I read the MKII are much better, but then that’s bound to be the answer from ‘the internet’.


I think you mean the Overture 2s. If so yes they will be better but are huge physically in comparison.


ah, not a revised version, thanks for advising.


Flounce turntable.


Read that as flatulence


Bought a rowing machine off eBay from this guy and when I turned up he had a huge horn system that went from floor to ceiling with a lovely little decware amp.

Not sure if he was a wammer but it sounded great.


I am liking this. Just as I was liking the other ones he’s sold.