eBay stuff


My self imposed notspendonhifi is being tested. Again :roll_eyes:

Make a nice, heavy, damped plinth, fit arm of choice and enjoy.




I know. Transformers are a thing.


If you have to have a Sony, get a PS-X9.


I’m fully aware of the PS-X9, but I don’t like the prices.


Nice deck. He also has a very nice looking FR-64 arm on sale too…


Yes, I saw that too.

I would probably use my FR-64 with it, if I lose out to temptation.




Trying hard not to :grin:




Because I don’t need it. I already have too many projects on the go. I’m spending far too much on hifi stuff.

On the other hand, I’ve just had a tax rebate and



Buy it.


Funzie will be that much brighter with your new sparklegram. Why deny yourself pleasure? Life is not a dress rehearsal!



Wait for a PS-X9 or a pioneer P3 or the new SP10.


Why wait.


I can make anything ‘right’. Think about watching the waves break as a rare bird circles the sky. Your favorite record is playing on your new set up. the fire crackles with warmth and comfort. You feel like you’re soaring with the bird. So alive, so real - Or you can kick yourself as inertia creeps.


I do like it myself, but folk on here have a habit of putting one off.



You are Pompey centre man,and i claim my nasty ornate fireplace.