eBay stuff


I think @ICHM has one of those.






Nice pre but twice the price it’s really worth


Amazing attention to detail in those photos. Makes me want to drop 2 grand.


I remember this from back in the day, fabulous looking things to a really high standard at the time, and full blown dual mono all the way to the mains leads. Excellent madness


Never heard any Gryphon stuff unfortunately, but I do like the look of their kit.


good to know, looking for a valve pre up to 1k


Early 90s at a guess and I really liked it, but the power amps that went with it are still the best SS beasts I have listened to. Power amp was probably the DM100

Mind you it predates my interest in valves…



You are Charlie Chan (no, not our version) and I claim my £5



Yes got my eye on that one. Only know from reputation though, seem well regarded.


That went for not a lot…

Anyone on here?


I know, I thought it looked decent for the money but I’m not buying at the moment.


I’d buy the Tron.


Very good price for the tron and well worth it