eBay stuff



You know you’ll end up with one of those Paul if you keep scanning ebay like that

I have had to stop looking at them - the force is strong with them :grinning:


Honestly Allan I’m not scanning ebay for a tape deck. I just stumbled across that one. :blush:

I actually had a play with an Akai 77 about 4 years ago and I think I got it out of my system. Time will tell.


Ha ha nice one Paul - you were way ahead of the time then :grinning:


should’ve spent the money on buying a second speaker instead.


I wish. Too stupid to spot a trend is closer to the mark :grinning:


For those who really hate their LPs.

You may need this



Want :heart_eyes: Don’t need, unfortunately.


In the market for a new preamp, is this anything special?


Not looking now I have the Gato prd3. But one system which really grabbed me a few years ago was at Whittlebury, with, admittedly, the pre and power from the range above this one, into small Avalons. It was really something, and have thought about their kit since. Some of the higher range stuff is more complex, with laser bias circuit, which I would imagine to be a ball ache if it needed fixing over here. Nick had the integrated a while back, and that was very nice, and looked bloomin’ lovely.


Gonna see if they’ll send it down for a demo.


Definitely worth a look. I think it can run on mains or battery power, so worth checking the battery life. Supposed to sound better on batteries according to the hifi press. Audio Consultants near Basingstoke are Edge dealers, but not sure if the company (Edge ) are still in business. Still, 1500 instead of 8.5k!



Very nice, but mental price.


Always fancied a pair of these due to being able to place close to wall, rare s/h so will prob go for silly money


Nike speakers, also liked the Juniors.


Definitely worth a demo Wayne. The G3 integrated was excellent.

However for the same money you could get this lot (also on ebay).

I’ve had a few Cairn amps including the smaller monos which were great so these should be even better cos bigger :smile:


Shame he hasn’t got the PS-X9 to go with it.


He has and is listing it separately