eBay stuff



I want one of these for my PS-X9.

Sadly I don’t want one THAT much.


Buyee is very dangerous.



Optimistic pricing.


That remote control looks amazing. I’m going with it’s also a complete fucker to use!


would be great fun trying to use in the dark.
Lovely looking kit though, looks like it was designed by Tadao Ando or Louis Kahn, tempted on looks alone.


Rarely see them for sale but it seemed reasonable enough at around 50% rrp?


they are the early AN ones so really just rebadged Snells, I wouldn’t pay more than £800 including the stands.


Agree, I personally would not pay more than 750.


Looks like the recent buyer returned it :skull_and_crossbones:


Price seems high, as I was offered one of these by a dealer in Holland with a modded transport for the same price. Upgrades suppose…


That is high, the balanced version was £800 extra not £1000. Nice DAC a little warm. I found that the volume control was bettered by a good pre.




R2R is so mainstream.


Any bet the cartridges are all country & western. Just looked, oh dear :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:




Looks good.


That went cheaply.


Yes considering all the accessories, I was quite tempted, but already have a 4 track machine sorted.