eBay stuff


There was another one from Portugal at the same price a few months back. Was I a different finish though



I was interested in these, then shit got real.


11 minutes to go and they were £1,185, looked at them again and they were £4,000 a minute later, £4,900 is a lot for an early pair with dings and a missing badge off the back and no bass modules.

I had a snipe at £2K, ahhh well.

Interesting 2 of the same bidders on these from the same seller, I wonder…


yes been on hi fi guys site for a number of months now


Bargain !!!


Shame about the postage cost.


He has only sold 3 things to one buyer.


But at those prices he’s a millionaire Rodney.



Acoustics’ loudspeaker designer Shabir Bhatti is an enigma wrapped inside of a riddle when it comes to his pricing practices: he’s not responded to my repeated emails in an attempt to get some clarity on the stratospheric price increases to his model Ti-C SE which Bill Wells reviewed here in the spring of '08. This well-made three-way debuted at the 2006 CES for an already exalted asking price of $56,000 - and within 18 months - shot to a ridiculous $128,000. No question this loudspeaker sounds good as did the standard Sapphire photo’d above ($55k) strapped to a pair of Art Audio amplifiers. However, in my humble opinion, their not $128,000 good. Few loudspeakers are. Needless to say, Bhatti’s reluctance to answer any of my emails raises further concerns as to his company’s ability in addressing potentially tough PR issues. The way I see it, if you can ask that much for a loudspeaker you ought to be able to answer an inquiry as to why.


He signs off as “Acoustic Artist”. This is a delight


Not eBay, but these are unusual. Has anbody heard a pair?


He is also selling a very nice set of Allnic monos that are competitively priced relative to the rrp:


I am sure he was on the Wam with those speakers, imported from Holland?

Not a massive fan of Allnic power amps, look nice though. The RRP has gone up a lot in the last 5 or so years.


I use one of these (mine is an older 2 supply version), much under rated phono stage.



Intersting, looks like its the xt1086 horn. http://www.eighteensound.com/Products/Articles/Detail/catid/4063/eid/3353/xt1086


Could well be, I was thinking maybe a SEOS one,

What horn did you use in your large 2 way?


Too square for a Seos, the xt1086 is very nice, cast aluminium. Its larger brother the xt1464 is also great.

I use a Seos-12.


Max 2 looks like it uses the xt1464.


I’ve got a pair of these, bought second hand a few years ago - I like them a lot. You have to choose the amplifier carefully though as they’re very sensitive - the maker quotes 115dB/W iirc.
I use a pair of Welborne type 45 monoblocs.