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I heard a pair once and was suitably impressed. £7k is a lot of money, but what else would you get?

Do you use subs?


Looks like an ASR Emitter in the picture which seems a strange choice to use with speakers that efficient.


No - the bass horn apparently goes from 170 hz down to 20hz (although I’ve never measured that). It’s driven by an internal amplifier in the base of the speaker with a huge great torroidal transformer. The top horn has a coaxial compression driver & is driven by my amp.
Mine are quite old I think - I read somewhere that the newer ones have a configurable digital crossover built in (dsp?)


Not a chance. The speaker may go that low, but the actual horn loading will onl6 be down to about 100Hz with that size of horn.


@anubisgrau has/had a pair.


I expressed myself badly (plus I know very little about these things). Also now I think of it, the big white plastic thing on the front of the bass driver is apparently a waveguide, not a horn. I have no clue what the difference is, I just like listening to them :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I’m sure they’re nice speakers. Waveguide vs horns, well that’s potato/potato… :smile:


Then I expect they’ll be a good match for a Spud amp.

I’ll get my coat…


joes stuff here , very good vfm indeed


nice audionote amp but who in there right mind would send such an expensive amp by royal mail second class at 28 quid !!! the guy is seriously bonkers



One of the worlds most boring sounding speakers zzzz


Whoa, life choice question time as I agree wholeheartedly with Bob :scream:


Meanwhile, cheap if you’re in Edinburgh…


Good spot, tempted maybe.


They look good in that finish, I would prefer it. But I already have a pair!


This is interesting, grey hamertone 301, but schedule 2? Can’t quite see the bearing enough but doesn’t look like a grease cup either.


A curio indeed… 1) The brown park suppressor was never issued on any Hammertone 301 they are always a metal canister or smaller suppressor mounted to the bearing housing on very early units 2) The black schedule 2 plates denote oil bearing. 3)The chassis is rimless which was never issued as an oil bearing unit. I would imagine a notch in the chassis has been cut to allow the bearing to pass through (The BBC did this with all RP2/1’s) 4) No test stamps are visible to the underside of the unit. 5) The motor cage is not hammertone finished, only late oil bearings feature this. 6) The motor has a later sprung transit clamp, no hammertone unit was issued with these- nor do they fit a hammertone motor, they would have had the triangular threaded washers. 7) The platter mat is the later variant - No hammertone was issued with one of these.
The serial no places it as being produced in 1964 - last year of production.
The drill holes are consistent in part with the RP2/1 BBC units. Not all BBC units were full console, I’ve had a few mobile broadcast types which were ‘half conversion’ What this unit may display is that Garrard were making units for trade from whatever parts they had to hand. It is nice to see the BBC card and I would imagine this unit was either made up at a much later date for the BBC or the unit was decommissioned / sold on from the Chiswick stores and sent back to Garrard (Possibly at the same time the S2 improved arm was paired with the unit). I would say Buyer beware on this unit, there is enough doubt to shade the value.


Could you elaborate? :grinning:


OK who bought the Heybrooks?


There’s more hamertone’s on ebay than I’ve ever seen in one go, guess chrismas needs paying for??