eBay stuff


I had to read it three times, the price he wants is somewhat high. £5-6K maybe. I think he is playing on some sort of waiting list thing, where in reality it’s just the production time, not a waiting list.



I know the seller.
Totally legit. The dealer will take them back but as there is a part ex it makes sense for him to see if he can get the cash direct.



Now priced at €2,200 + shipping which seems pretty reasonable.


The slight pronlem is thst it is in Spain, which makes shipping more risky / expensive.


Yes. I think it’s location is the principal reason why it’s not been snapped up.



Similar to mine - excellent bit of kit :ok_hand:


Seems like a good price given its sorted. Postage included in the price.



I did notice something similar in one of the pictures from your bake off, what part of the horn system is it driving?


I am tempted to give it a try but I should really build some of the First Watt amps I have.


These are very similar to the Classic 120s I have - the 140s are balanced only, unlike some earlier 120s, and I think they added a soft start circuit to help tube life. Anyway, they are great amps providing you don’t mind finding a few good 6550s. They are a tad heavy ‘cos they contain real metal.


I have various parts for 3 amps to build :weary:


I did start a WHAMMY headphone/line amp last week, haven’t soldered for years except for the odd splice here and there but It was really hard to see what i was doing as my eyes are crap!

Nice to start something though.


Ah, I have 2 of those to make as well, forgot about those.


Or buy it and sell the kits?


Comes to us all sooner or later. Bright, even lighting can be a big help. A bench magnifier even more so, although decent ones can be pricey.



Mid and bass, the plasma tweeters have integrated class a amps.