eBay stuff


All you need to add is a car.


Engine could always be dropped into a Astra for those who found the standard one over specified.




I’m hoping that belonged to a complete twat who owns an estate agents chain around here, normally off his face on coke and acting like a complete bellend in the local.





I think he’s asking o/96 money for those, if they were £4500 I’d be biting his hand off.

I’ve got the Gibbon 88’s and they are brilliant.


I really want to hear yours Chris,


You’re welcome to pop in anytime, would love to organise a bakeoff but my place is tiny.




Beat me to it. Sounds like he has the holy grail of replacements





Wow. That thing puts the ugh into Fugly. It costs how much???



It’s a bit…uhhh…busy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It has four moving coil meters on the front panel, therefore any ‘against’ argument is invalid. I’d love to give one a go!

Then again, I suppose my AD-6900 also has four meters but they all move in time with the music, so this makes it better still. Then again again, I bet the D-5500 smells better - Hitachi usually wins the battle of the ‘Best Vintage Japanese equipment odour’.


I know bugger all about these but it looks great


Wot, more smell than a Jap Marantz?