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anyone had experience of these? Look like Muso’s stood on end.


Over priced and dodgy seller.

I would have thought these were more appropriate.

If you are interested, offer £1k.


I thought they were the nations favourite :blush:
I’m struggling to get lower frequencies from my system at lower listening level, hence looking at speakers with subs integrated.
Might just add a cheap sub and see if that helps.


Just get this, I have one, super sub and flexible. Not that big for a top sub either. Fast as well, a lot of subs suffer from being slow.

The below is cheaper, but nowhere near as good (I have owned one)

The BK subs are quite good also, I had a BK 200FF and quite liked it for £100 second hand. Nowhere near as good as the M&K MX350, but then smaller and cheaper.


Try here.
I am sure they will have the forward firing at the same price. They are sealed, rather than ported, so a bit tighter and faster.


I believe that the MX350 is Isobarik, no port for the front facing driver. I found that the M&K subs much tighter than the BK one I owned, I ended up lifting the BK off the floor to get rid of a boom resonance with the suspended floor (30mm of polished granite slab). The BK are good, it’s just the older M&K is better.


Yes, I’d say more than a Marantz but definitely not as much as a Luxman.


always read good reports on those, years ago I intended to add one to my AVI actives before I realised they were just shite and it wouldn’t have helped


The last Marantz thing I had smelt very much of cheap cigarettes. It was sunny and warm, so I left it outside for a week (taken in at night) to air.


Not quite, more of a push pull. Isobaric would have the second cone completely in the box.

Push pull in theory can lower distortion a bit.



Definitive Audio have the excellent Trafomatic Experience 2 300b integrated in their ‘stuff’ list for £1k - cracking value if you have suitable speakers.
*They also have the power amp version for the same price.


The bigger news is they have updated the list for the first time in months. Shame I don’t have £10k for the SME 30/2.



Yes , they dont update it very often and a fraction of the size it used to be


Vfm considering they were 4k , i guess there is no distributor now is there ?


Try selling one second hand, you have to give them away.


Yep, that’s the Marantz odour. There’s even a blog somewhere about trying to get rid of it…


The oil filled mat looks bollox’d, there are no replacements.


They always are in my experience. Still, don’t let it put you off - other mats are available and it’s still a stunning turntable. It’s one of the best I’ve ever owned.