eBay stuff




And possibly ronnied. Two different mid surrounds?


Maybe, who knows? One looks like it was in the sun to me.



Looks like Bourney bought the Trafomatic I linked to.:+1:


Nothing lasts long with Mr Bourne.


If people want this amp from Bourney I can take it to Edds bakeoff assuming you pay him first.


Definitive aren’t that far from Edd’s. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them just to ship it straight there ?




Collection only.


some nice expensive heather , oh wait , he is selling a pre amp somewhere :open_mouth:


They aren’t Pass Labs, they are DIY clones.

He’s a bit cheeky not explaining that.


Yeah, it seems to be quite a common thing to see with DIY kit that uses his designs.


Is this a good deal?


Fairly good, they normally go for around £1700 with the toggle switches.

It’s a great preamp.


Why would you do that? A £550 amp and let a dealer sell you a £300-400 service / fettling? It’s still a £600 amp.


Lol, it’s at least an hour and a half away.


Whoa, hang on. This was a complete joke, no ? Good heavens this forum needs an irony emoji :grin:.





Another Luxman, anyone have experience or opinions?