eBay stuff



Too good to be true. Cash on collection only. Take a bodyguard.


He’s a local guy who regularly lists hi fi for sale, he’s just said he will take £200.


He’s had it on for £350 for a few weeks.


I certainly like the look of it. Surely worth a punt at £200?

Is he a burglar? Can he get me an Audio Research Ref 6 for £750?



I’ve just found out that he lives about 200 yards from me.


Might be worth a demo then!


He only steals quality gear :smiley:


At least he won’t have far to travel to get it back :+1:


its a good deal , but not a current model as toggle switches have been replaced with buttons . still a damm fine pre amp though , which i would have back anyday . i have had about 3 years with modwright pre amps , single and 2 box 36.5


Now sitting in my rack, very good cosmetic condition. Works very nicely apart from a slightly noisy volume control. Sounds excellent.


That is a nice looking amp. Is the wooden sleeve in good condition?




Had one about 10 years ago,nice amp


I agree with Wayne :confused:

Heck of a result :+1:


Just a couple of light scratches, could probably need re finishing, tbh when it’s in situ it looks great.


Where’s the photo then? It’s all about the money shot and not the build up…:angry:



this toggle switch 36.5 pre is now 1400 pounds in malvern . apparently it was bought 7 years ago ex dem from audio emotion . and has packing and usual plastic remote

if i wasnt quite so pleased with the freya pre , i might just have dived down and and got it


Yep I’m tempted as it’s just down the road, but I’m having a demo of an Allnic preamp next week and fancy I’ll like that better.