eBay stuff


Great find. Obviously you now need to populate the resk of the rack with complementary tape deck and tuner.
Luxman TT are also lovely looking things :blush:


Which one?


I suspect the Modwright will be better.


Plus it won’t break.


Don’t be a silly-billy :slightly_smiling_face:. Second hand Allnic doesn’t break because the original owner has already sent it back to Richard Morris who has had it fixed/built properly. Buy 'em second hand and you’re safe enough.


Dunno :man_shrugging:t3:. Preamp is a one off ‘reference’ unit built by Park for Raven acoustics chap. Pre dates the DHT models. Certainly interesting enough to demo for a week to see what I think in my own set up.


Yep, definitely worth a looky.


I saw that one on eBay but never thought to ask for a demo. Decent enough price too.


It’s being serviced this week and should get it by the weekend. If I’m not taken with it then if the MW is still around then I might go for that as I’ve got a decent handle of how good it is.


Demos on ebay stuff?
Never heard of such a thing!
Whatever next?




I use a much better condition one of these in my main system, as it just works well. I keep going back to this pre after trying various other ones. This one has the wrong remote and looks in poor condition. Good nick ones with the right remote go for over £1K.

Very flexible and has no on/off switch so is on all the time and is class A bias, so gets a little warm.


Tut tut.

Have you had a bad experience with Allnic yourself then, or just flying the flag for others?


Nice Luxman pre, definite result. I have one of their latest special edition (valve) preamps - interesting to see how similar they are in looks:


I believe that would not be compliant with the ‘harmonised standards’ that CE marking is tied to. Fortunately (if that’s the right word) from a consistency point of view, these don’t seem to be CE marked.



It’s just what I’ve read on here!



Seriously? Believing anything you read on here is weapons-grade muppetry.

(Apart from this of course, you silly boy)


I tried a ‘midrange’ Allnic preamp years ago, but not the expensive DHT stuff Wayne is referring to. It was OK but not great. I do like and own Allnic though - the phono stage is really nice.


The unit in question is not a DHT design, which I think has its own challenges. This one was made by Kang Su Park for Thomas Woschnick of TW Acustic for him to use as part of his development reference system. So, interesting, but as you say it needs a listen to understand where it sits between good and great and whether its worth buying.


I actually like the sound of that.:rofl: