eBay stuff


Well if I buy and it subsequently needs repairing then I’ll let you take it off my hands. I only want what I paid for it :wink:


Happy to pay more.


Lovely amp. I bet the phono stage is no slouch. Let us know how it compares to the PM4? on the floor to the right once you have cleaned the volume pot.


nice pass labs amp from a reputable guy who hosted a bakeoff with myself and a few others somewhile back



nice pass aleph monoblocks , and he has a pre as well


That is quite an amp. If I still had the Boenickes I’d be having that.


Nice! I have Aleph 2’s which have done the AA rounds a bit. I wonder if the pre-amp is anywhere near as good as the power amps are?


I know of a pair of these cheaper than those which may be available if anyone is really interested. Used to be mine ( long story and SWMBO reasons). Original factory build in original USA shipping double boxes with the shorty plugs for using SE. PM if anyone is seriously looking. Could be delivered to Edds on Saturday



Yes , it would be good to find out


Hopefully he will buy a new keyboard with the funds


I have a question for him - “Why?”




you may also want the Helius Cylene he is selling to go on the deck

although, both are listed without pictures of the actual kit for sale


Yes, I was looking for the Ltd before I realised they were archive pics.


Always used to fancy trying a pair of these.


So did I, I had a pair of the smaller ones 98 and liked them.