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Did @J_B buy the Systemdek, I think we need to know?


Bargain at that price







Keith getting desperate after failing to sell on PFM at less.

These are sub £20K in my book.



He really hasn’t got a clue. If you’re selling kit at that price, you don’t put shit like “Full details can be found on the Cessaro website”, you either provide a link right to the details, or paste them into the sodding advert.

Amateur doesn’t even begin to cover it.


Yep, and not great value at that. But, for £59K :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:?


That has been causing me amusement for some time now. And for the foreseeable future :smile:


So true. Two crappy little photos for speakers priced at £59k is shoddy too.


How good actually are they? That seems like an immense amount of cash for something that doesn’t exactly leap out of the screen screaming “expensive and amazing”


That is some stinking eBay feedback,

This one doesn’t scan well:

“seller did not respond to my attempt contact. I did not feel comfortable to pay.”


I’ve heard them sounding pretty impressive when the US distributor had set them up at a show over there. Certainly better than some of the similarly or higher priced speakers being punted at that same show.

They never sound anything like so impressive at Munich.


They need a very large room and you need to be at least 4m away from them as the drivers are so far spaced apart.

Heard them twice and once was bloody awful, the other time OK, but not £60K OK, more like £10K OK.


The room used at RMAF was big enough.


TBH apart from the expense which I can’t afford without hitting the pension pot, they look shit and are waaay too big and heavy for a normal house. I would want heavy duty casters on the bottom otherwise you are fucked moving them.

At least Gryphon have a caster mechanism built into the bottom of their speakers for the really big ones.

It always amused me that people put spikes on 300lb+ speakers and then moan about moving them (Wilson Audio for instance). Casters are the way to go with heavy things.


Why would you put spikes on 300lb speakers full stop? Mine weight 132kg and, even though they’re sat on carpet, they’re not exactly in any hurry to move or wobble.


Maybe someone will make him a (derisory) offer he can’t refuse…


£1.37, and not a penny more. Makes as much sense as the claimed £120K RRP…:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: