eBay stuff


That’s really quite a nice looking piece of kit.


I like that!




So the seler is asking £40k for their speakers and think one crappy image of part of a review of a miss-matched cabinet will do it.


It is Hard Audio. Has the dweller of the Island Of White ever sold anything?


He’s special. A few years back he got a load of dead Bose soundwaves, stripped the speaker/waveguide bit out of them and mounted them on what looked like cheapo mike stands and tried flogging them for about 2k.


These were utter shit when I heard them.

I wonder how thick the brown envelope was for the good review?


Stronzetto sends a Valentines card every year. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


But then he does that to every municipal recycling centre.


oh yes i remember that, very special



Ah yes, the blue Denon 103.




These have been on for a while and slowly dropping in price -They started off at @£1750 then £1500 now £1400. When they are closer to £1000 I might become tempted.


I agree on £1k - why don’t you make him an offer?


Saw that, I agree £1K is the right price.


Also £1k leaves you some money to have the tweeter changed :+1:



agreed , and the fact he is in the sticks does not help a sale