eBay stuff




You know you want it :joy:


Haven’t you done enough damage? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I now have the wants for the Yamaha amp that Rob’s mate is selling :thinking:


Haven’t you bought that yet?


yes , it looks well worth buying


Which pair of H2s is that for? :rofl:


Step up.from H6s.




Cheaper to buy it here too, there might well even be a frequent flyer discount…


Looking to get my first MC to fit my Rega arm, default would be a Hana SL, wondering if this may be a good option;


Sound is good, condition is rubbish?


I like them. Not quite up to the SL though.


Going to go for SL :+1:


Wise move.


Gumtree Glasgow

JBL L96 - need refoaming but still quite cheap I think. She has a Pioneer a80 too. Also a Systemdek 11X with an AT arm I think.

Wish I had the space for these. They’re just round the corner from you Allan @spacehopper


That’s the same Systemdek I bought when I first took the plunge into the hi-fi rabbit hole albeit with a Linn Akito arm.

I prefer the look of my Sony SS-7200’s to the JBL’s :+1:

You need to stop trawling Gumtree old boy - your system is amazing. :grinning:


Argh…I fell in love with Oldius’ L96s at Salford but I’d need a new source and amp to get them to sound good :frowning:


I know I should because I have zero space for any more kit so it’s a futile pastime but old habits die hard.


I’ve five pairs of speakers here so you’re welcome to try any of them for a change - they range from shabby to new tho’ :grinning:


:heart_eyes: Thanks for the offer Allan. That’s very good of you. I’d love to hear the Sony SS-7200s one day. I came close to buying a pair when I was living in Edinburgh but I dithered too long.