eBay stuff


Five pairs of speakers is a long story Paul.

You’re welcome to come over any Tuesday - Wednesday for some tunes :+1:


Thanks a lot. Sounds good :+1:

I’ll send you a pm in the next week or so.




The AT arm is worth near the TT price


Turntable is good value. A Pair of good L96s went for less than this, but £300 is still cheap. The amps price is so variable, probably a good buy.


Technics SB-6000 speakers €959 Audiomarkt


Would like to hear some of those old Technics one day

The Technics SB 10000 cost £10,000 in the early 80s


Me likey!


It’s nice, but all of the non-standard stuff devalues it. I wouldn’t pay much more than it has reached to date and his reserve still hasn’t been met.

I’d love an 8000 but given what they fetch it would make more sense to buy a TechDas


Shiny shit back up for sale (the annual sale thread), sure last time it was £4K and didn’t sell. I seem to remember that it was a person who passed away’s TT and the seller got it when all his stuff was sold. I could be wrong on this mind.

Anyway, not for me.


It was my good friend Ian’s kit. Sadly missed.


Shiny overload


Regardless of looks there is a lot of materials and engineering in that for the money


yes , often think of ian and miss him


Love it :heart_eyes:


That’s actually a very nice oil rig type deck. There are a lot of awful ones about.


Not my cup of tea looks wise,but seems a good price going by what you see at shows for similar build quality



Submit the drawings and spec. for that deck to a precision engineering company and ask them for a price to build just the one.

I would be very surprised if you would get any change out of £20k.


You already know this…