eBay stuff


Hmmm, twat seller alert.


I’ve also heard it many many times and it always sounded great. The looks are a matter of taste but the sound is unquestionably good.


I can pick them up for you :kissing_heart:


oh my goodness , nick is selling his Soundkaos wave 40 speakers , pretty rare i think



-6db at 50hz seems a tad mean for a box that doesn’t look that small?


I have to admit having heard these (or something that looked very similar) at a show I really don’t know what the fuss is all about, but it was at a show so…


For the 401 user. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Very unsympathetic looking plinth.


I have a Aphelion 401 plinth somewhere. Some efforts are made with vibration management, overall it’s more of a silk cut than a cigar.


Quite like it, not £250.00 like it, but quite like it.


Early BP Phono and line control unit, complete with a pair of shunt regs by the look if it.

Those shiny knobs looks familiar



20Hz? Really?



Somebody seems to have fucked up their listing given that the entire description is for a pair of Sonus Fabers


I like the bit about top drivers and RRP of £350 for the speakers.


Firefox? I thought your preference was generally for chrome…


They are shiny thou


These look interesting. Has anyone heard them ?