eBay stuff


Yes at Cranage.


If you are feeling brave and have a rashness for living on the edge, there is a Mr Liang for sale at the old place.

Good luck and don’t wear rubber shoes.

Filled with hydrocyanic acid, the toxic plant and seeds can cause sleepiness, delirium, and death.




Some type of new Shakti stone I presume?


I was bidding on that when it was an auction and then he ended it saying he was going to relist it at £1500 but listed at £1650.

Unless I’m wrong didn’t think it was worth much more than £600-800

Think his knobs are bigger than yours


I would say £700, but no more.




Sadly, fucked up SL600s


Flawed speakers from Celestion, ribbon good everything else crap.


Could be a bargain.


AV8 seems to be making a bit of a dogs breakfast of selling it. I get that he doesn’t want tyre kickers, but he’s coming across as a bit of a wanker (I have no idea if he actually is or not).


he`s been around for years . i bought something off him years ago and he was fine


Like I said, I have no idea (about most stuff tbh), and maybe he’s just getting a bit frustrated with the usual PFM threadcrappers.


however on reading the thread again i can see what you mean


He has just left a very nice message on my thread for the Clearaudio. Nice touch that when he is trying to shift an expensive turntable too.


It’s a farce of an advert (s).

You just put it up and stick a price on. And mark as sold when paid.

The endless explanations, and vagueness, are making it all a but odd. Instead of being a for sale, it’s like the private ramblings of a confused mind, leaking out as words. I’m sure he means well but he’s not articulating it quite as clearly as he wants!


His thread has had all the noise removed, I think he was just getting pissed off with the usual dickheads over there.


He’s been hokey cokey advertising that TT for the last few years. Paul is a nice guy, but he doesn’t appear to understand that pulling the advert every five minutes doesn’t exactly build confidence.


Exactly. Keep it simple. Facts. Price. Leave.
The withdrawal from sale saga was only ever going to go one way… and being so distinctive it’s something that people won’t forget.


You have to question why so many potential buyers have walked away over the many adverts he has done.