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I think the “Bring £500 cash deposit with you if you want to view” is being deliberately misunderstood, but it does come across as a bit up himself.


To be honest, I would not buy it for many reasons, I don’t know the guy, but he comes across as not repesenting the truth, as things come out after people question the many for sale threads he has had. Like in this one he doesn’t mention that a lot of the bits were gold, but he cleaned it with something and the gold was removed (if my memory serves me right about an advert about a year or so ago).

People remember these things and £5K is a lot of money for most people.


The biggest omission is not making more of the magnetic drive and showing the airgap between the motor face and the platter.

Madness given that is the primary design feature of the turntable.


I am not convinced he will sell it this time as he is digging himself a big hole.

As said above, put it on with some nice pics and a full explanation of what it is and any history (including the gold thing). If he wants a deposit say demo’s welcome at his convienence, if you are going to buy, then a £500 deposit, full payment within a month and collection only.

This six months to pay shit is confusing the hell out of the potential buyers and is unnecessary complication.


The photos don’t really help distinguish which bits are gold finish and which aren’t anyway. I’ve got my own photos somewhere which I think show this better.

Also no mention of machined ring record clamp either.


See what I mean, for £5K you have to trust the seller is being truthful.

No mention of the arm boards (I believe there were 2?).



I wants it. Precious.


Except it doesn’t look like that now.


Easy enough to have things gold plated. Seriously if I had circa 4-5K to dump on a TT it would be mines all mines my precious.


I have put in an offer for it. :nerd_face:


That is exactly why you don’t have £5K. :grin:





They played a passage from that (Starman track) on the news yesterday. Bowie singing backed by an acoustic guitar.

Interesting piece of expensive memorabilia. Nothing more though IMO.


Indeed :smile:


Didn’t this turntable belong to a wamer who has since deceased …I think it was specially made for him if I remember rightly but I could be wrong was very dear


Old bangers



If Yamaha made that music centre now perhaps replacing the tuner with some kind of streamer they’d do really well with it!