eBay stuff






Not 100% sure these are OK, but it shows the real price of Cessaro speakers (hi Keith). :rofl:





Not seen those small Acapellas before - they look a bit like AG Unos. :thinking:


I didn’t think you would pay that much for it, Wayne.


they are €28k at hi-end broker for the same pair

suspect the Italian advert may be a scam


Plus commission :scream:


what an idiot this guy is , its worth about 2k max and thats pushing it . lunatic



Apparently, ‘audiophiles know all about these DACS!’


yes paul benge had this at the first scalford show and that was 11 years ago i think . competely superceded by later models now .


Vintage, therefore worth much more :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Christ, that Yamaha unit has been on there for ages. It’s really well worth saving but even I can’t quite muster up the enthusiasm to be arsed to do it.



wow , never seen them before


anyone heard these ? you don`t often see these


Those look hard to sneak in without being caught by the other half!


I heard some small ones at Scalford and really liked them. These ones look amazing!


Yeah, Nick had a pair that were absolutely lovely driven by his Emile amp. I would imagine the reference level gear is going to sound pretty outstanding, plus I love the look, both the unusual shaping and also the finish on them.


Never heard the Client Names and too far to go have a listen unfortunately.