eBay stuff


This is a great price but the listing description leaves much to be desired :roll_eyes:


sure would like these Titan 505 john has put back up for sale , they sounded excellent at bristol show


£8k new, introduced in 2012, so 1/3 retail pricing? So £2,750 is stock pricing approx. These are £500 more.

Anyway, not such a great price. £2K is a good price.




You would never find a pair for £2k. I paid £4k for mine and struggled to find anything below that. Even at £4k I’m well happy with mine.


The game would be up when you had to ask your other half for a help carrying them in!


Fug to the ly.


I thought there was an AA diversion team for such events? All dressed in black, bit like the great train robbery? Don’t disappoint me, was hoping to call on it soon…



The Music Box :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yeah £2k would be ridiculously cheap. Impossibly cheap. High end stuff isn’t easy to purchase as it’s rare. It’s normally sold via dealers rather than privately.

If I wanted to buy Nagra, DCS etc I normally have to go via a dealer. The one third rule often gets pushed up, sometimes towards 50%. £3,250 would be ok. I’m not sure they’re worth much more. Of course, theres also the “what else can I get for that sort of money” argument / consideration.

Would you rather spend £3k on these or some B&Ws for example? Plus they’re not very old. Much older larger Avalons go for £3k.


Looking for speakers to match the vintage of my amps, not seen these before. Guessing they would be similar to Rogers Studio 1/Spendor BC1 etc


Don’t see many of these -


Ridiculous price wanted. It’s not worth half that.
This one is far more realistically priced and in the Uk. Still wouldn’t pay the starting bid price for it though.


Ah. In which case, I stand humbly corrected (doffs cap and shuffles humbly back into the shadows).


Thought I’d get in quick before Tuff Bob :grinning:


Think that’s Max-the-Sony-guy who had a room of Sony kit at Scalford (/Kegworth?). Looks as if he’s selling a lot of it


Theres an aweful lot of Sony in Borehamwood


wow that room was something !!!


Ha, I was cooking. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: