eBay stuff


Ooh yes! Sadly I’m not on Faceache so can’t do much about it.


£500, no idea if that is an OK price or not.


I bought a sony TTS3000 for £35 at Tonbridge one year - Stupidly I broke it into bits.
They look very similar. I think £500 is too much but that seems the way things like this are going. I think the market for top dollar record decks is quite small.


That is the reason I never canabalise anything. Just sold an old tape deck that didn’t work but looked funky for £120, the market for old shite is stupid. 1970’s stuff seems to be rising so fast in value, especially if it’s brushed silver facia with lots of random knobs.


Forum tagline.


Optimistic. I’ve lost interest again.


Look at the 3rd pic :nauseated_face:



Any news Dave?


Dave has shut the pod bay doors.


Always liked these based on looks, any good?


Arm is a bit manky. TT is OK, not as good as the 124, which is not as good as the 401 Garrard. The ones I have heard are a bit midrangy, with the extremes dropping off a tad. Nicely made as is most Thorens stuff and plenty of parts and people supporting it.


looks like there is water damage to the base, not the end of the world I suppose.


It’s not worth £900 either - £250 is steep


Think the electronics could be hit or miss


That is premium price and I would expect imaculate at that price. Looking at his other stuff, he has a lot of crap at stupid prices. I would look for a nicer one.


Didn’t get on with mine.

A bit shall we say, err, pedestrian.


I’m surprised it was there long enough for it to make an impression! :grin:


I reckon it made nearly a couple of months, possibly.


Blimey! How is the Technics?