eBay stuff


Strange 191 cabinet…






Looks like you’d get a lot of TT for £4k…wonder what it sounds like…:thinking:


I wonder how much getting it chromed would cost ?




I’ve been mulling over some of their less blingy models. They appear to be incredible value for money.


The colour of that one would suit you perfectly :kissing_heart:


Oooh, bitchy. I like it :thumbsup:


I’ll feckin’ colour you in a minute…

I am a pinkish yellow or yellowish pink. I am very far from being Goldfinger. More to the point, I don’t live in Cheshire, Vegas, Abu Dhabi or Shanghai so the gold highlights do absolutely nowt for me.


Are you not busy doing frottage with cigars on another thread. If not, feck off. If so, feck off a bit further.


Even though it’s from Emporium & therefore possibly priced a little high & even though it appears to have a minor fault, this would be an attractive proposition if I needed another deck.

I used to have a Xenon & it was a lovely thing (esp once AO had rebuilt it)


It’s fucked.


“a very slight ticking noise”… could blow up at any second…:boom:


Beobloke (Adam Smith) was using one of these (I think) at Scalford this year.


IIRC this is a Nelson Pass design built by Nakamichi.


Oh my…:heart_eyes:

And the matching speaker…



The exact opposite of ‘built by badgers’.:heart_eyes:


Built for badgers?


Seems like a lot of money for a copper wire SUT as you can get a ANS3 for around £500


I’m not sure I’d be paying that for a copper SUT. Kondo or not.