eBay stuff


It’s just a Systemdek anyway, which you can get for 1/8 the price + the arm.


I have a deep suspicion that they are propper shite.

Start with a rubbish speaker, put the cheap units into a bizzare cabinet and lets see what happens.


Nice student or kids system


Anybody have one of these? If so, how does it sound?



Had one (iix 900) and thought it sounded better than the TT1 that replaced it.


Flea power.


The TT2 I heard hummed like a bastard and sounded very average. I too thought the Systemdek is a better TT, especially with the plastic platter.


Not seen these before


Modern day Rehdekos


I would really like to hear these. A ‘Marmite’ sound by all accounts, but then I love Marmite :grinning:


Not eBay, but looks interesting.




It’s been around for a while. I was thinking of getting one when the exchange rate was kinder, but it’s quite a heavy thing and the shipping was almost the same as the purchase price iirc.

I think someone on the Wam got one, and thought it was OK. Can’t be arsed going back there to search for a link though





Suit you


Meh, not enough chrome, or diamante shakti stones…


I thought that somebody may find the cabinets interesting and put some decent units in them.


Fixt for an alternative strategy


I was interested in these…