eBay stuff


I like the look of these.


They look very nice in the flesh too. Properly made.




Could be a cheap Rock, these are very good when working.


Zero feedback seller but looks genuine enough and might be a bargain if the auction runs to the end.



Seller is in Redcar so you might need to pack bathers and suntan lotion if you go to pick them up.


Indeed and don’t go turning up in a Porsche or Bentley trying to impress him. Fully sorted Astra maybe but not much else would convince him you’re genuine.


You’re not suggesting that you are in possession of such a legendary chariot? I suppose it has a Steepletone car stereo too. Only dealers can afford such luxury.


Full on Kondo porn


I’d rather have an M77


Looks iffy to me. Seller’s history is a tad weird. No evidence at all of being a high-rolling Kondo owner…


No probs


Thanks, I’ll see if it will fit in the new room :roll_eyes:



Is the dog included?


3 dogs then ?


“Very loud speakers” :rofl:




Bargain alert:


Hence my recent lack of interest. WTF?