Edd’s February 16th Bake Off Thread


Please Edd, if there is still room :sweat_smile:


If there is still room. Thanks.


Drat I’m booked already


Please. Thanks!


I don’t really cap numbers as there is plenty of room. I’m limited to about 4-5 over nighters so please confirm that.

Numbers just let me know how to arrange the chairs and how much food to sort :grin:


I know where you can get several hundred surplus chicken wings. :grinning:

Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?



Day only


Quantity in kilos per meat man.



Count me in. Overnight stay if possible.


I will go through the book and work out what I have available for over nighters and confirm when I get the chance.


Day only for me Edd !


Plenty of car park space for your van though :grin:


Defo overnight please.


At the moment I have 5 rooms free, so at the moment Dean you will be on a sofa.




“Where can I sleep?” asked Dean, guiltily…


Room as far away from Jim as possible please Edd :smiley:


Is there room for a small person who will bring Big Bob for the day. We will arrive in the Pimp Mobile to give you all ammunition for endless pi** taking.


Have you got a spare day pass?