Edd’s February 16th Bake Off Thread


If you arnt fussy about sleeping on a sofa then I have space.


Not in the slightest.

(cue obligatory photo)


Sorry Edd but I’m going to have to drop out of this. I’ve got a really bad chest infection that doesn’t seem to be clearing despite a couple of courses of antibiotics.


Hope you feel better soon Ian.


Get well soon :+1:


Get well soon mate


No problem, get well soon.


sad to hear it’s hanging around Ian, hope you feel better soon.


Get well soon Ian


Thanks for the kind words gents.


Hope you make a speedy recovery :+1:


Hope you’re soon feeling better Ian


A good rub with Vick then a steamy session under a towel was the old fashioned help to cure …:+1::grinning:



Are we sorted for the second system? Anything else needed?


What second system?

Though if people want to set one up it can be done.

Speakers would be a good idea for a second system, all I have spare is vintage Kefs. I have a pre amp, and cd player spare.


Sorry Edd I just made an assumption. Didn’t you have two rooms on the go last time?


Not last time, but previously I have, more than happy to have another one going though.


Operation Bake off progress:

State of house:

  1. Oh nice place he must have Kondo
  2. Nice house
  3. Oh I suppose its ok
  4. Well at least he made an effort
  5. Thank god there is cake <-------------- Current Status.
  6. I think i need to call the council.
  7. Have I got lost and ended up at the tip?

Diy Speaker Progress

  1. Complete and shiny finish
  2. Assembled and working
  3. All the bits ready for wiring up
  4. Some parts still need to be made <----------------- Current Status
  5. I bought some stuff on ebay
  6. I read an article somewhere and have decided to build something


Car filled with super fuel,goodies in carrier,I have put in my Brunell mk5 r2r
In the boot .bed for midnight see you tomorrow :+1::grinning: