Edd’s February 16th Bake Off Thread


Volvo seats are brilliant, especially if you have back or hip issues.


Something like this. It has a 2cv engine. :heart_eyes:


I rarely give motor cars a a first let alone a second thought but that is lovely. What is it Dave?


It’s a Lomax kit car using Citroen 2cv engine.


Many thanks to Edd and Zoe. Great food and chat. Amps still in car as mate who lives closest has frustratingly gone AWAL to-day when you need him most and SWMBO is laid up in bed with a cold.


How frustrating, how dare the pair of them not be available to shift your amps for you :grin:


It’ll not be long before you are reeled in. :grinning:


Thanks to Edd and Zoe for an awesome day! Really nice to catch up with everyone.


I can give a hand this evening if you need the pimpmobile empty.


Thanks for the kind offer Bob. It can wait until he is about tomorrow.



Big thanks to Edd & Zoe for their excellent hospitality. Thanks for the food and the bed for the night.

Good to meet up with everybody. Good fun was had and some nice booze was necked.


Thanks to Pete and Bob for getting the Doge into the car. Now in the house and having made to measure dolleys on rollers built by my mate who has all the necessary woodworking kit. They can then be wheeled into location. Thanks for the suggestion Bob.


Heavy loading picture request


Now in situ with Bobs advice and my mates help with the wheeled bases. Metal work and therefore the iron bits are still very cold.
Two 211 per mono. The silver t/x cover panel makes it look like there are four.