Continuing the discussion from AAAC 11th July - Kill West - Gush:

Not sure what the fuck is going on with these. We’re looking into it.

Perhaps the board software has got the hump at the thought of a new logo.

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Mine look normal to me?

Some are OK, some are not OK. :thinking:

The best emoji is still OK, so panic over.


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:exploding_head: ← can we keep this one please.


Bloke out of sparks




Well, this is Friday night’s thread sorted.

I can’t find the cat shoving another cats face in a meat grinder emoji???

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Ooh, that was a quick delete…:rofl:

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Weird it disappeared again. Wait a second

What device are you posting from, Olan?

Same notebook I’ve been using for 5 years a piece of shite HP EliteBook 8560 running Windows 10.




photo action-smiley-082.gif

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