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Why is the inverter rating lower than the peak output? The ratio of annual production to peak output looks low (we run at about 1.1MW/kWp per year).

And yes, get a SolarEdge.

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Quote seems very competitive, does it include scaffolding, pigeon protection etc?

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You can oversize the DC by 155% on SolarEdge inverters so ultimately it may be OK as a DC oversizing concept, and there are optimum ranges for the inverters with regards to their DC input.

It depends on the orientation and angles of your panels as to how much benefit you would get going bigger on the inverter vs any drop in optimum production. Looking at the primarily North and East orientation it looks like the sums are pretty good.

Few days clipping in the summer vs better production in the winter, comes down to your usage. Personally I would go with the latter.


Thanks Chaps!

Yep includes all the scaffolding etc.

Orientation is below, not ideal but the rear roof comes down to 1st floor so plenty of space.

Thanks, I’ll get them to re-quote for the SolarEdge Inverter.

How long until you see a ROI?

Their projection is 6-years based on saving of around £2.2k/year (with usage including the EV charging and ASHP)


Does anyone know of a company that can do systems where the property is 3-phase?

I have contacted a few local firms and EON but they were not able to help.

We have at about 100m^2 of south facing roof

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Not sure where you are but Stratford Energy Solutions (who did ours) also do big commercial/industrial fitouts.

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I’m a moron, didn’t even think about trying firms like that!

An unfortunate amount of guff given the Open University connection. Key quote from a guest on there back at the muppet presenting: “I am sick of people telling the energy industry that we haven’t thought about when solar and wind aren’t generating.”


I’ve just had notice of my fixed rate tariff ending next month, I have 2 choices:-

Any thoughts?

Money saving expert has a good summary. Spoiler: there isn’t a cheap option. Much of it really depends how much you value the certainty.

I don’t really want to move away from Octopus for charging reasons.

You can see what others are offering though, to compare

Pretty big news if you are on Intelligent and have solar. Octopus are upgrading the export accounts from SEG to Outgoing Octopus (or Outgoing Agile if you choose)

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Stage 1 complete - PV panels mounted, front and back :+1:


They really are comprehensively incompetent, a role model for imposters, chancers and slackers.

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My two year deal with Eon-next is just coming to an end. Which is a shame as it saved me a fair amount.

Anyway checked the market out for a basic 1 bed flat, no solar, no electric vehicle and ended up sticking. There so little between the main players at the moment so new deal is fixed 12 month and still with Eon-next. I felt based on Cornwall projections that going flexi may save but could well be more.

Does anyone know if there are any compulsory fire regulations relating to residential/domestic li-on battery storage installations?
For instance: does the room in which they’re installed (garage in our case) need to meet any half-hour or one-hour fire resistance criteria?
The only stuff I can find on the net applies to commercial premises…