eToro "buy the dip" (no not shitcoin)

Anyone play around on eToro or similar for share trading?

I’ve just setup an account as I fancied a dabble :slight_smile:

So far have just bought some HSBC shares as they dropped massively after the SVB crash.

Are you cfd trading or buying actual shares? I dabbled in cfd trading and made some ok money, thought I had cracked it then lost £400 in about five mins so shat it and withdrew what remained of my profits as I saw how easy it was to lose a fortune.


No when I did the onboarding survey it said based on my experience I should avoid CFD.

I’m just looking at buying shares, same with any gambling I’m only going to be playing with what I’m happy to lose so it’s a few hundred quid rather than thousands.

My HSBC shares have made $8 so far today :slight_smile:

You will be fine then. Only thing I would check you actually own the shares and are eligible for the dividend. If you are only using fun money the divvy won’t add up to much but still better in your pocket than theirs. If you get a bit more serious I would open a stocks and shares isa and set up a regular investment. They won’t be taking a much of a skim as eToro.

I was under the impression etoro is entirely cfd.

I use Freetrade or I have a stocks and shares isa with AJ Bell.

Looks like it’s both but I’ve bought stocks

Been a couple of years since I looked :+1:

At the other end of the S&S risk spectrum, I use Investengine for long term investments. They only do ETFs, which are trackers and other aggregators rather than individual shares.

It’s much cheaper - there are no platform fees and the ETF costs can be as low as 0.07% annually. But no day gambling element. I just max out my ISA.

Credit Suisse anyone…? :crazy_face:

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much of a surprise?

Thought I’d have a stab at CFD yesterday and I think this is how they make their money.

Had a go at Gold and even though the price was 1900 when I bought it set the buy price much higher so straight away I was $30 down. Bottled it at $40 down and closed out.

Including that loss I’m still $66 up after 3 days though.

Don’t think I’ll be retiring off the back of my profits :slight_smile: but it’s still an interesting learning experience

You need to brave and only trade when drunk.


That would actually have been a great buy…

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Cooling now though

The thing about this is that (1) it’s a gamble, unless you have inside information (then it’s illegal!), and (2) there are loads of people who know much more than you. The odds are stacked against you. Why would you do it?

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This. It is equivalent to Cheltenham or BitCoin really. Fucking madness.

You’re better off buying a lottery ticket or doing a six way accumulator. Tiny chance of winning a fuck ton of money. But a 10% chance of getting a bit of a return, what’s the point?

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Might get a bit more interesting tomorrow morning. Could see all of the banks take a hit following the Swiss “merger”.

Was thinking about placing a buy order for CS ready for when the market opened this morning but didn’t :frowning:

Opened at 0.679, watched it for a bit and it started climbing like crazy and bought, now at 0.746 and still climbing.

So far I’m 8% up, another imminent crash expected then :slight_smile:

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