Eurovision in the UK

The thought of going to this fills me with conniption - who’s coming?


I’m pleased, but not that excited…


Road trip :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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I’m very excited about the whole thing.

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Time to tick streaking off the bucket list?

You catfishing on twitter, @Ruprecht?

Fuck dreams could come true !

Am unsure whether additional punctuation is required in that sentence.

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It, is, not

Currently working on a bid to host it at Funzie Casino.


Besides the ECHR and the EU we also need to free ourselves from the shackles of the undemocratic and woke organisation that is Eurovision. Indeed, as culture secretary I vow to privatise it & will be taking bids shortly.



Wherever it’s being held, fans and contestants better join the queues into Dover pretty soon if they’re to have any chance of making it there on time…


This is currently the leading story on the BBC website, FFS.

Quite right too, If the world is to implode I for one require a ray of sunshine in the form of buxom Swedish umpar yodel gabba.

Barrow in Furness should get the gig. Each pub could host a nation, thus avoiding the need for expensive facilities. It would also be a good excuse for a pub crawl.

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Dear Sirs,

These ‘other venue’ suggestions are unkind and uncalled for.

Of course Eurovision should come to Plymouth. We have no Arena, no motorway, A local audience who still dance to Abba, An excellent sea port with handy Navy to shoo foreigners off when the event has finished.

I can only imagine the cinematography captured by drones during the opening sequence taking in such delights as ‘Skimnpys the topless barbers’ and the Ivor Dewdney pasty factory.


There has been a poll in the Argus so that really is the end of the matter

That’s another Brexit promise broken.

Tl;dr Eurovision could effectively tell Andre Rieu to sod off.