Everything has gone orange, Tubs

It has. All Saharan, the car has a nice layer of sand on it, blown up on the wind.

As its already crossed a continent to get here, this may seem an odd question, but how far north does the sand get when it blows in? Has the sky gone orange in Funzee I wonder? @pmac

Pissing with rain here, m8.

Where the dust goes depends on particle size plus where prevailing weather systems/jet streams go. The really fine stuff can go global, but won’t colour skies that far afield; you need a really big volcano for that.

South West london has had dark orange skies all day. There has been a wet drizzle and cars in the street are splattered with dusty sand.
Whoopee - car washing at the weekend.

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Yep, car wash owners are over the moon today6

Just been for a short walk in SE London.

Yep, everything is caked in orange dust.

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Nope, not at all. Winds have been Southerly (give or take) for a few days and more of the same to come, so we could get some

It’s Funzie btw :wink: (pronounced - finny)

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I’ve got a friend who’s been sent these pics from the Pyrenees


Maybe where you live. :rofl:


It was all a bit pale sepia around here but then the rain started.

Drove down the road earlier and the wipers cleared a thin film of brown.

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I fekkin knew that too. Bloody 1991.



It’s not quite as apocalyptic-looking here now it’s been belting down with rain for ages

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Miserable here but not orange yet. Low grey drizzle all afternoon…

Haven’t graduated from yellow then?

Far from it. I’m vaguely pinkish at the moment due to moderately successful chemotherapy but positively brimming with health, good humour and the joys of spring.



I hope this dust has a visa


Thank fuck it’s not just me! Been typing up an essay all day and when I went out I had assumed I’d just fucked my eyes from staring at a screen too long with everything being orangey brown. Car has been double hit with dust and a load of bird shit, yay.

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It’s just Dust in the Wind.


They must be fucking good chemicals to do that !!

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Meh! Quit harshing my buzz dude.