Exercise bikes

Sort of in my system…

As in I’ll be on it when I listen to a lot of stuff.

Decided I needed to get back on the bike and have something to help the return to decent fitness.
(And get through a lot of CDs in my gym room!)


What’s wrong with an actual bike?

I think it needs electrically driven wheels, a hybrid if you will.


How’s a fancy clothes horse going to help with fitness ?

When I was riding at my best (doing coast to coast, Majorca every year, and Pyrenees etc. ) the “turbo” moved me to a different level.
I did just three sessions a week all no more than an hour and it was significant how much I got better. You can sustain a set level for blocks of time, or condense a lot of rapid sprints in a way that road riding makes impossible.

Also, you can use it over winter when it’s icy or soaking. Plus it negates the mess of taking wheels off and on and just makes it quick and easy. And I do have a ton of CDs to get through if anyone remembers the fully laden shelves and new mini denon system photo.

I have a road bike for summer and winter and I’ll start to commute daily and add the 50 to 100 mile club rides at weekends. Funnily enough, they are both electric, but only in the battery driven DI2 gears

Pretty much all chemistry, including biochemistry, is fundamentally electromagnetic :grin:. But I know what you mean. (Going down hill on a road bike is gravitational though.)

Bloody physicists.


I fancy a wahoo kickr type thing so I can pretend to ride up mountains without the allergies.

I got rid of my old exercise bike as it took up too much space and became a clothes rack. I really do miss it, particularly when we keep having such poor weather.

To hang the coat on when you stay in?

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Expensive. I couldn’t justify the extra, especially as this one comes with a £100 discount (work) and it’s an A grade refurb on interest free.

So a fair chunk off retail.

Only when the floordrobe is full.


Not as flashy, but jumping on this in between Teams meetings has helped me to lose a couple of kg over lockdown


Well I meant the £500 turbo trainer thing not the bike.

This is helping with knee rehab. Well used n-th hand cheapie but, with seat back, requires less knee bend than an upright bike.


Recumbent exercise. I like the idea :+1:

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You are exactly the kind of bloke I would expect to see on a recumbent.

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Too bloody dangerous with cars etc.

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Of course. But you still want one. You fit the stereotype in my head 100%.

I used to pass one on the A614 every day on the way into work.

Actually, no

Now I’m worried! :crazy_face: