Hi all, I own the above domain name, which is due to expire on the 7th May 2017.

If anyone wants it, can they let me know please. :smiley:

What the fuck did you do that for? :smile:

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You might recall I used to be in the hifi biz…:dizzy_face:

This domain is unused btw…

Was this in your ukd days?

T’was indeed, good memory! :smiley:

Actually I don’t recall :blush:

You should set up again. You’d make a killing.

I would, but I think all the money’s moved to forum management now…


If you were smart enough to sell rather gullible enough to buy :nerd_face:

It would be very handy if someone had had a company called Quisite Audio a while back, and wanted to start a blog about how it all went wrong


I tried in vain not to laugh at that.

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I’m sure that’s available, so whether you succeed or fail, you’re covered both ways…

Win, win!:yum:

Here’s a logo for the lucky new owner.
New photo by Mark Browell


I’ve just got it. 2 hours it took. :frowning: