Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


Silver foo…meh.



In normal atmospheric conditions, Silver needs heating to something like 900C to oxidise!

Now it tarnishes in atmospheric conditions very readily - the presence of various sulphur compounds in the atmosphere (major worry in YOUR household!!!) causes the formation of a layer of silver sulphide, a semiconductor (the first commercial electronic semiconductors were (briefly) based on silver sulphide…).




The Platter Ground™ is unlike other record weights or clamps as this product improves sonic by mechanical grounding and transferring resonance from the surfaces of vinyl records, tonearms, phono cartridges, and platters to the vertical grounding plane of the turntable, commonly known as the spindle.


Research of turbulent energy patterns established on the vinyl record surface has opened doors to new mechanical grounding insight. It has been discovered that under constant centrifugal momentum, introduction of the Platter Ground caused resonant energies in such a structure to become neutralized (become laminar in fashion). As a result, the resultant force vector of detrimental energy (mechanical, electromechanical and airborne resonances) become purely “normal” (perpendicular) to the spindle, opening a direct pathway for unwanted outside energy to flow away from the table. This in effect expedites the mechanical grounding effect, thus removing (not damping) the resonant byproducts.


That’s a lot of science. It must be very good.


I usually add £100 to every long science word used.


It’s not just me is it ? Surely half these products are re-purposed butt plugs.




At only $199 it has got to be worth a try


That’s what I meant when I said ‘it has got to be worth a try’


Anything that cancels out the vortex around my undercarriage has to be a good thing.


Looks as if it could fall over and “cancel” a record fairly easily…


Not a proper hat, more of a fascinator / tiara


I need to meet this curiously-featureless-yet-inexplicably-fascinating woman . . .



Fuses (again) :laughing:


Clap??? :grinning:


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I bet Clap has one of those too :grinning:


Bloody missed the mains one. I sold him a cable two weeks ago.


I dare someone to ask him if they’re BSI approved…


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