Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


Or the quality trolling currently ongoing in the pfm thread


Winkywoo for the win on foo??


That’s the one, top trolling, constantly shifting position just to wind up the last responder :grin:


I was impressed with the girth vs resistance vs satisfaction for Mrs Winkywoo argument. Very fine bit of Trolling and very nicely written. I’m surprised the locals aren’t foaming at the mouth at this stage,


Thread title please.


Silver Cable.


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On the subject of foo (back on track):


Ride t’waves in a galleon


The Moonies know best




I now have a second one of these, much to my amazement they seem to work.


Vertex Kinabalu


ftfy :shushing_face:


Out, out unbeliever :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Want tiny tornadoes? Need a hyper dimensional antenna? Who doesn’t right? The QS-12 takes much of it’s design from Audio Lab-ya! who failed to patent the circuitry due to reasons. Tesla picked up on the breakthrough before NASA moved in and stole it in a shady takeover. Buy one before the men in black shut this guy down.


First bit of HiFi claiming to be an SBD. An iPod capable of producing such emissions without the brown note would be a useful thing indeed. :thinking:






Oh brilliant :roll_eyes:. Because what we really need is to encourage people to start trailing lengths of copper foil around the exposed electronics of their hi-fi

If the installed Tube Crown touches an adjacent Crown, a nearby transformer, or a capacitor’s bare metal can, slip a piece of paper in between as a mechanical and electrical insulator. If the Tube Crown touches a nearby metal object, there is a slight sonic degradation. If two adjacent tubes are spaced so closely that Crowns can’t be fitted, filing or grinding a flat on each Crown where it touches its neighbor will almost always solve the problem.

Great. All problems will be solved by bits of paper. How do I know that if they aren’t already selling bits of ‘special’ paper they soon will be.



Funny isn’t it, that a simple piece of paper is a perfectly adequate insulator in this context - but to insulate a speaker cable you need an inch-and-a-half of “special.”


Paper’s a fab choice to use around hot electronics - can’t see that ever going awry either…