Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


Is this gadget good for microphonics Pete? :joy:


why not try saw dust,


You can make the paper an even better insulator by soaking it in paraffin


Like a PIO cap, innit.


Truly wonderful


Quality. No Shakti stones though :roll_eyes:




We should call this game Mpingo Bingo. :slight_smile:


Do they drink it in the Cingo?



Nope. Doesn’t work.

Exits thread vewy, vewy quietly…


Like your extra quiet van :scream:


Normal service will be resumed shortly as it is nearly ready to pick up. :slight_smile:





There was a guy who used to post on Lenco Heaven who hung string instruments all over the room. He also had bird boxes in the room :thinking:


When I went to audition the Acapellas, the guy I bought them from had loads of that Shun Mook stuff all around his room. He also had one of those huge turntable pucks, which he proceeded to dem to me - without then with…
He looked at me so expectantly after the “with” track, when I said that I couldn’t hear any difference whatsoever and that i didn’t believe in foo, I thought he was going to burst into tears. It was fucking hilarious. :laughing:


I am led to believe he was planning to give you a discount on the speakers before you destroyed his soul


Santa wrecks dreams now? The world is eating itself


You’ll be on the naughty list for that @Ruprecht. None of Santa’s special Christmas glue to be hoofed by Stronzetto…


The world eating itself is ok, but will it stop when the broken bits have gone?