Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


All the way from the US of A

Now in my paradise PCB


I pulled the trigger on 2 virtual dynamics master series power cords earlier.




Oh dear :roll_eyes:




I did only pay 15% of the original rrp. I hope that gives you some solice. I wouldn’t want you to worry.


But it won’t sound any better if you didn’t pay a fortune for it!!!




Ignore the envious plebs - good upgrade :+1:


Let it heal you

From 1.45


Can’t see what anything Schumann-related is doing in the Foo thread…



Here is VDH’s listening room, what are the hair grips doing on the floor? I like the use of stuffed creepy bears to tune the windows - Nice touch


Nothing remotely sketchy about grown men who fill their man-caves with teddy-bears.

Oh no.


I was looking for a something appropriate to reply with but prefer something wholly inappropriate

I mean what the fuck is that all about ?


Nah, she’s a Marty Feldman tribute act mate . . .


Ha you fucking beauty - I knew it looked familiar :rofl:


It’s the crystals maaan

I like to think they may have some link to these



I’ve got a prism pyramid in the front room, I like them, much recommended :+1:


Veils lifted,?


Yes you can’t see it otherwise :+1: