Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


If you REALLY want to foo it up big boy - you gonna need to align your motherfuckin Chakras and sort your gotdamm Feng Shui!


Fear not, I have these ready :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



No wonder you’re a massive fucking failure of a hifi dealer if you reckon that kind of foo is worth just £9.50 :rofl:


Oi! Less of the “massive” you crusty cunt :angry:


Correct, he needs to dip them in the magic ionising water and then flog them as room tuning and charge £900 each. Lets face it he’s a fucking total spaz as a dealer. :scream:

  • See Pg 9 pf the Scumbag bible. Maureens pity ploy is an excellent ruse to pull on the heart and purse strings.


Thanks for the get-out clause, but I really am just fabulously shit at this :poop:



Many say that vibrations picked up by cables being layed on the floor impacts on the sound.
All Entreq can say is that Entreq have many theories but have been unable to prove categorically what causes this issue ; vibrations, static electricity etc etc… Entreq really don’t know for sure! There are however definate advantages to be had with cable lifters. Entreq have designed they own cable lifters from slim, non-magnetic material.


I have oriented one of the schumanns in a northerly direction, down with these vibes!!!


I understand the root chakra is the most important to align.




Contemplating some of these to try out.


Far to cheap to come under the foo umbrella


Sorry, these any better?


More like it


Not convinced having the word LAGERFUND in the ad will help sales


I was about to make the very same point. I’m impressed with the amount of lager that a fund of 7,777 Euros will purchase too!


I’d have thought you’d be looking for something a tad more high-end…


Meh, I have Finite Elemente Cerabase, Cerapucks (3 sets), Feet of Silence (two sets), 2 Vertex platforms and little metal cones, StillPoints & Risers, Track Audio stuff etc…

Oh and some foo racking from Finite Elemente and TimbreSage.